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Available in 3.5 oz size

You can also find Castachio® Nuts at these locations:
Select Michigan Kroger stores,
Busch's Fresh Food Markets,
Hollywood Markets,
Plum Markets,
Various C-stores across the nation!
(availability of flavors may vary)
Our passion for nuts, great taste, and healthy snacks lead us to Castachio® Nuts!

We started our quest to find the perfect nut combination. and after sampling what seems to have been a million different combinations, nut varieities, and flavors, we found that simplicity tasted the best. The sublime pistachio and sweetly popular cashew created the most delicious pairing of flavors, textures and crunch that caused us to declare "we've got it! - this is the flavor we've been looking for!" and Castachio® Nuts were born.

From humble beginnings and over a year of tastings, we partnered with Detroit's own Germack, America's oldest importer and processor of Pistachios, to bring our dream to market with the very best ingredients available. Now we bring our new favorite nut combination to you!

Here's what the latest fans of Castachio® Nuts are saying:
"I have never tasted anything this good..." - Scott P., Detroit, MI

"Simply the best!"
- Stephie S., Denver, CO

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